1. Guys! I wanted to bring your attention to my best friend Meghan, who is currently serving in the Peace Corps in The Gambia! Meghan is a joy of a human being, full of intense energy and humor, and though she’s had some difficulty transitioning, she’s proven herself to be one tough broad. BONUS: She is turning out to be one hell of a writer. Check out her blog about her travels at www.meghaninthegambia.blogspot.com. I put the link in my profile. Leave her some love and support if you feel like it, I know she’d appreciate it!

  2. HEY NOW, THERE’S MY FACE #hiface…New post on amandakater.com about dresses and being down in the dumps. Link is in my profile!

  3. I hate that this is true, I fucking hate it.

  4. Basically the past three days @lara_b44

  5. #tribetown beer at the bathroom #class

  6. Baseball business in Cleve with @lara_b44

  7. Taking @lara_b44 on a tour of Cleveland the best way I know how, drinking all dem local beers at @glbc_cleveland. Shoutout to the Edmund Fitzgerald porter, which has been getting me drunk since I was just a yung buck👌

  8. Do not be deceived by my pooping face, but I am V V excited to be reunited with my best friend from high school today, and THEN another best friend from high school tomorrow, and THEN my best friend from Seoul on Monday! Can I just wear this fabulousness the entire time, CONTINUOUS MUUMUU #muumin #ootd

  9. Woke up to an absolutely bonkers email (like, all-caps-f-bomb-bonkers) from a random person who follows me, defending the honor of Iggy Azalea and also accusing me of “not being a real feminist, because I hate on other women.”

    I got some comments like that here’s too, and let me just say that the mere fact that Iggy Azalea has a vagina does not exclude her, nor any woman, from criticism. Instead of just participating in the genre in HER way, or even in her own natural voice (she uses a “Blaccent”) she has created a minstrel-like caricature of a hip-hop artist, stealing everything “hip” about blackness without having to suffer any of the injustices of the black experience. And that’s just a small portion of what I find offensive about her. Her womanness has absolutely nothing to do with my issue with her, and it also does not automatically spare her from criticism.

    So, in closing: please don’t email me with all your crazy, Crazyhead, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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