1. When we’re good, we’re really, really good.

  2. Hanging out in the bungalow I’m staying at in my @swimsuitsforall one piece. I posted once about how I never received something I’d ordered from them (they refunded me after that post, btw) and I then ordered this number on sale for like $28. It’s great! The bust has like a fluttery overlay to make my boobs look even bigger #win and the floral print is cool and kinda vintagey? Proof that you don’t need to wear a strong bikini to look cool in your swimmysuit. HOWEVS, if you want to wear a string bikini, go right a-fucking-head.👌

  3. #travel #vacation #traveltips #notagame

  4. Guys! I wanted to bring your attention to my best friend Meghan, who is currently serving in the Peace Corps in The Gambia! Meghan is a joy of a human being, full of intense energy and humor, and though she’s had some difficulty transitioning, she’s proven herself to be one tough broad. BONUS: She is turning out to be one hell of a writer. Check out her blog about her travels at www.meghaninthegambia.blogspot.com. I put the link in my profile. Leave her some love and support if you feel like it, I know she’d appreciate it!

  5. HEY NOW, THERE’S MY FACE #hiface…New post on amandakater.com about dresses and being down in the dumps. Link is in my profile!

  6. I hate that this is true, I fucking hate it.

  7. Basically the past three days @lara_b44

  8. #tribetown beer at the bathroom #class

  9. Baseball business in Cleve with @lara_b44

  10. Taking @lara_b44 on a tour of Cleveland the best way I know how, drinking all dem local beers at @glbc_cleveland. Shoutout to the Edmund Fitzgerald porter, which has been getting me drunk since I was just a yung buck👌